Monday, 7 March 2016

Arctic Piking

Mak Baines is too keen for his own good. Freezing cold, hard frost, bitter northerly wind and he drives two hours to sit with me drinking tea and freezing our dooh dahs off at a rather large "pond" in Suffolk.

He was rewarded with a corker of 16lb though, absolutely cracking fish in lovely condition.

Unfortunately, that as the only run we had. I'll have a go later in the week.

Discussions included....

The Pike Police
Donald Trump - Are there enough Americans stupid enough to make him President ?
Wetherspoons - A good value, no nonsense pub chain ( Mak says ) or generic chavvy poop hole ( I say  )
Refugee crisis (again and not resolved).
Equality of opportunity, leading on to.....
Public Schools ( ban them).
Where the feck are my drop offs ?
Tescos ( bland, boring ).
Louis Van Gaal ( pompous helmet ).
Steve McClarran....why the inappropriate grinning and ridiculous haircut ?
Adam Johnson and the Age of Consent, leading to....
What footballers do in their spare time ?
Leicester, can they do it ?

Toodle pip.


  1. Do those bays, or get a bait boaT.

  2. Later in the week I'll do one of the bays. Bait boat, not interested, too much faffing about.

  3. Thought it interesting to see posts on the Alton site about searching out bays and (spawny)pike then sitting on the Tower bank and sending boats way out drop baits in the deeps. Just saying

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  5. Bait boats? Always carry a gun so you can sink them. Fun. John