Thursday, 7 May 2015

When Your Luck's In.....

It's in, and my luck is most certainly in. But fill yer boots while you can, because luck like this can't last.

Another drop in the wild, windy weather today and I'm off for a few hours down the beach. Half an hour after starting, I hook into a very heavy fish that tears line off the reel. To fast for a roker, too steady and weighty for a bass. Ten minutes later an absolute brute of a sting ray thrashes on the surface and I steadily guide it in, legs a shakin' and bum a twitchin'.

Whilst trying to avoid it's barbed tail, which was being whipped about angrily, I tried picking it up to try and weigh it. No chance. Too heavy and too slippery.

I settled for taking a few photos and getting it back in the water safely. I estimate it was around 50lb, a figure that Lord Conc of Weeley also arrived at. Fookin' monstrous.

I had a couple of roker at the top of the tide and went home early, chuffed to bits.


  1. Feck me WaaaaaaĆ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

  2. A monster. Getting ready for the Ipswich game in an hour. John will be chuffed with the Boro result. We're having a night/early morning assault on the beach today, bacon butties will be served at dawn . Looking forward to it.