Wednesday 30 January 2013

Why Try and Walk 100 km ?

Good question. day in November I was pondering my impending doom and stumbled across this Oxfam Trailtrekker challenge, which I thought seemed tough but achievable with a bit of training. And obviously we would raise money for a good cause along the way. There was a choice of three distances, 40 km, 60 km or 100 km, so having big egos it was obvious we would have to go for the 100 km.

I mentioned the idea to Jamie, Stewart and Andy and they were surprisingly keen, so we entered and now we have try and finish it. In case you don't know us, here are some photos which show us at our magnificent best.......

 Gale Light

Jamie Slowgrove

Stewart Wardle

Andy Window (actual size)

We have a support crew of Andy Rudd ( recently appointed manager ), James Fisher ( recently sacked as manager ) and Claude Butcher, plus one other. They will provide us with food, drink and fresh clothes at various checkpoints throughout the course.