Sunday 30 April 2023

Quick Trip

Me and Bully were due to have a week long trip around the canals of Shropshire and Staffordshire after tench, but the awful spring weather put us off.

In the end we went to the GUC in Warwickshire for a few days.

First day was cold and windy, so much so that I went back to the camper to warm up. We had a few bits and pieces, but nothing exciting.

For a man that "doesn't drink in the week", Bully managed to put away a beer or two in the evening back at the camper. Curry and chilli, cheese and biscuits, lots of unhealthy snacks, we dined like Kings. 

I got through several sets of earplugs too, as the man who doesn't snore was wheezing like a throttled pig.

Friday was a fantastic day. We were sheltered from the wind and I sat there in a T shirt soaking up the sunshine.

I fished a pole but also put out a sleeper rod, hoping for a tench, short hook link, cage feeder, bolt rig styleeeeee.

I swung the bait out a couple of yards from the bank to my left and got on with the float fishing. 

Within ten minutes the sleeper rod whacked round and a decent bream ( by canal standards ) of around 3lb was the result. 

Next cast same result, another bream. And so it continued. I heard sniggering and looked round and Bully was poaching my swim. No shame some people.  

The sleeper rod continued to produce on and off all evening, unlike the float, which was very slow, although right at last knockings I had a couple of very nice rudd to 1lb 5oz and a decent hybrid.

Bully managed to catch quite well on the pole in the end too, having several decent bream, plus rudd and hybrids. He nabbed this 1lb 5oz roach from a different swim in the morning too.

We packed up in the fading light, the birds still singing and bats darting overhead, a fitting end to a really enjoyable day.

Saturday 22 April 2023

Start of a Campaign

I know I'm a moany old git, but this absolutely ridiculous spring ( winter ) weather is getting on my tits. Fecking rain since the beginning of March on and off and cold with it.

I've fished about three or four times since the river season closed. I hate sitting under a brolly in the wet and cold.

I've been baiting a bay in a very large stillwater for the past week and decided to give it a go this morning.

I arrived a bit late and noticed it was very clear. Not what I wanted.

Bait in, float fishing in the margins and after an hour there were no signs of life, so I climbed a tree and peered into the swim. The good news was that the area I've been baited was nicely clear, so they'd been clearing the feed up at some point.

I saw one fish, which I think was a smallish tench. 

I gave it another couple of hours before packing up and before I left I gave it a bit more bait.

I think with the clarity it will mean fishing at dawn or dusk. 

When I got back the float rod was put in the garage and a self hooking feeder rod set up. I think I may have to put more than my  two or three hour sessions to catch a few, so I've changed the tactics accordingly. 

It's not an easy water, but I'm confident of a few fish over the next few weeks. I'd be even more more on it if we ever get some warm weather.

Ah, the good old swans. They're even more arrogant and persistant than usual on this place and I'll be taking a leaf out of Wak Baines' book when it comes to remedial action. Wish me luck.

Toodle pip.