Sunday 23 October 2016

Fill That Freezer

Sea fishing locally this summer has been poor, so we've been hoping we'd get a run of codling this autumn. Unfortunately, they appear to be as rare as rocking horse shite. What to do ?

However, over the past week or two there have been a reasonable number of rays being caught off the piers. Normally when this is the case our ( not so ) secret roker spot is loaded with them.

That being the case, me and Norfolk Bob arranged for a shortish afternoon session. Conditions were perfect, a coloured sea and a northerly wind, which at this mark results in a calm sea.

NB arrived early and by the time I turned up he was on ray number four.

My first two casts resulted in fish, certainly a good start. Things eased up, but throughout the afternoon waves of fish came through, mostly in the 4-8lb range.

I then hooked something that felt bigger and called NB. We expected to see a double figure ray, but instead were greeted with the sight of a double shot of five pounders. Oh well, can't complain.

Just before high tide the rod tip sprang back and I pulled into what I hoped this time really was a bigger fish. It did what ray do, plodded around a bit and in a short a while a real clonker hit the shingle. 12lb 4oz. Happy days.

I ended up with 16 and NB 17, so a cracking afternoon. We both took only three fish home, not because of conservation concerns, but for the fact that it's difficult to carry any more back a mile across the shingle. Unless you have a wheel barrow.......

Monday 17 October 2016

On The Ressie

I've been fishing the "large Suffolk stillwater" over the past month, with reasonable success. First proper session was with Wak Baines. We roach fished and caught a good few, with Wak having a couple of jack pike too. A good start.

At the moment the ressie is stuffed full of roach, most 4-8 oz, but plenty of bigger fish too. A few bream and the odd tench showing too. I managed to jam a nice tench of 6lb 15oz when float fishing for the roach. Fun on 2lb line. Real brute it was.

My first piking session resulted in a nice fish of 14lb, before I got hungry and cleared off early.

I did manage to get caught in the only rain we've had for three months.....

Last weekend Wak was back and after a late start we had four pike between us, plus a few missed and lost. Wak had the biggest, a corker just short of 14lb.

A lovely autumn day, lots of piss taking and a few fish, lovely.

To finish the day off, an old face from the past turned up. Mr Colin Abbott was totally unrecognisable, as I'm sure, we were to him ( point of order Mrs TT. Grammatically, is that sentence shite ? )  We had a good chat and he seems keen to join us next time. Good 'ol boy.

Sorry, bit of a boring write up. Bit lacking in inspiration. Must try harder next time.

Toodle pip.