Saturday 28 March 2015

Beginning To See The Light

After a token couple of hours work, I was getting cabin fever ( it doesn't take much ). The sun was shining, it's spring. I must be outside.

So I walked down to creek re set my peeler crab traps, only to find time and tide really don't wait for no man, the traps almost all having been covered in silt. Not a great loss.

On the way back I bumped into a fox. Luckily it didn't see me, so I crouched down and waited, hoping it would come right up to me. When it was about 30 yards away, it froze and suspiciously stared at me, before turning round and jogging off. Suspicion that has enabled them to thrive whilst being relentlessly persecuted.
The next day, the strong onshore wind slightly changed direction. I thought this a good opportunity for a quick fish at the local beach ( after all work was completed, obviously ). It certainly was still breezy, but not unfishable and sunny to boot. Four decent sized skate obliged and I kept two.  It's a long walk back and I didn't want to be bringing them all back home. God, I hate skining them.
Another sunny day yesterday and I had my last training run before the Colchester Half Marathon on Sunday. This comprised of a couple of miles half hearted jog and the rest walking. It was too nice a day to rush along the river. As someone once said,  "don't forget to smell the flowers along the way".
I can't say I'm enthusiastic about the race though.
Just as I finished the run one of my mates came by. He said he'd like to come fishing with me soon ( he's a non angler ). Fine, any time, I said. He then made a huge faux pas. "Are there any sea bass around". I immediately struck him hard with a straight left on the nose, followed up with a vicious right uppercut. Actually I didn't, but that's what I feel like doing when some calls a bass a "sea bass".
It's one of my my many irrational loathings of inconsequential things. Some others include......

Cafes serving coffee with milk, not cream ( bit of a first world problem I agree ).
PLC speak of any description e.g "our value added selling proposition". Yes kids, I've really heard this.
"The winningest team/captain, etc". What ? A disgraceful abomination of the English language.
Clarkson. I loathe this man beyond reason.

And to show I'm not a totally miserable old git, five simple things I really love.....

Boiling my eggs perfectly, so they're runny but without that snotty bit.
Saturday newspaper, read in a cafe (drinking a coffee...with cream obviously)
Green and Blacks plain dark chocolate after every meal
Preparing to watch MOTD, with a glass of red, when Man Utd have lost
The sun. Always the sun.

TT and BB, a few of you're trivial loves/loathings please ?

Saturday 21 March 2015

On The Beach

First beach session of the year. Me and The Whittler headed off on a mile long walk across the shingle, to our favourite roker mark. "Tonight's the night", I thought, perfect conditions. Calm, biggish tide.
I'm pretty sure there is no better place in the country for beach roker than this spot, which is very convenient, as it's only fifteen minutes drive from the twenty minute walk.
In short, we had a good night with nine roker to about 7lb and a sizeable codling ( to The Whittler ) between us.
A mercifully blurred photo of The Whittler (he's an ugly bugger)
with roker number 1
The day before I had a walk down by the river, along the creek near Thorrington Mill. I stopped at a sheltered spot in the sun and went to sleep. Again. Several chiffchaffs calling, although I have yet to hear or see any other migrants. A gorgeous spring day.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Once Upon A Time......

The Mighty Turdster with a monstrous 15lb turbot. Caught despite ( because ?) defying skipper's instructions. Alderney, 2011.
10lb 12 oz Stour zander, 2009. I was well chuffed with that.
23lb Stour carp. I vaguely remember Goozgog being there too. 2003.
Mak with a big perch from Ardleigh in 1985
Bainsy, Shanus and me at Alton, 2009.
I love looking at old photos. There's always a hint of melancholy about time flies and people physically change. None of these photos are related, just a random snapshot of some of the thousands I've taken over the years.

Mak Baines wedding.Mak, Shane, me, Lobby ( before he threw up in Shane's car )

Above - Shanus throwing out his 4lb carp livebait on the Ebro in Spain. And the result, a catfish of around 80lb.
Below - More Ebro stuff including a rather nice photo of me sunbathing in pants.

The now iconic photo of Mak Baines, in forlorn pose, after losing a winter carp after waiting hours
Perchtastic pics, from Smeg's and the Kennet.Late 90s.
Hang on son ! There's a 140lb catfish attached and it's doing it's best to pull me in.

Smeg with an 80lb conger, with Goozgog keeping his distance. Weymouth 2010.

Goozgog and my Dan. A balmy evening on the Stour in 2001.
At Blenheim Palace, with Goozgog, Smeg and Liitle Owl. Tenching, but catching bream. 2001.
Goozgog in Ireland 1985

Goozgog on "The Point" at Alresford, circa 1985

Thursday 12 March 2015

Banal Ramblings

The drill was put into action for the second time in my 50 years. A top quality,  bespoke house number, designed and crafted by yours truly. Is there nothing I can't do ( comments on the grammatical  correctness of this sentence welcome ) ? It's taken me twenty three years to put a number on the house.
The most pathetic thing on the blog so far ?
Today, I nipped out for an hour or two (ish) at lunchtime, down the cafe and then a walk along the marshes. Layed down in a sheltered spot in the sun and watched and listened to the widgeon and waders. How civilised.
Thorrington Mill in the distance
On Tuesday, me and Wak Baines had a day perch fishing at a local lake. Lots of small perch were caught, along with roach, rudd, bream, carp and chub. We lost a couple of big koi carp too. Another day in the sun drinking tea, watching the wildlife and taking the piss out of each other. Saw a badger in the evening too.
Sir, do you have licenses for those four rods ?
A really lazy, enjoyable day. This week I've spent so much time not working I'm beginning to understand what it must be like to be Poodle Riley.
Grossly incompetent Wak Baines tangled up again
Oh yeah, and I put out a fire midway through the afternoon, but I'm too modest to talk further of my heroism.

Friday 6 March 2015

A Full Moon, The Scarlett Elf Cup and Navel Gazing

Last night, me and the Whittler had a quick trip to the beach hoping and expecting a few codling and maybe a roker or two. What we got was a flat calm sea, a beautiful moonlit evening and no fish.
The Whittler rivals Wak Baines for the breadth of his interests and opinions. As an added bonus he doesn't mumble, which means you don't have to ask him to repeat things three times before understanding him. Always agreeable company.
Wildlife Watch : On today's walk I spotted a pair of buzzards, a pair of kestrels and a pair of sparrowhawks, along with the (apparently very rare), scarlett elf cup. C'mon, admit it, you've never heard of it have you ?

Why do we blog ? When I say "we", I mean  people who do it for a non commercial reason.Would it matter to the blogger if nobody read it ? Or is it enough to do it for it's own sake ?
I suppose I do it so I can post a few photos to show a few mates and as an excuse to.....Oh, I don't know, write was is essentially an on line diary. Would I do it if nobody read it. Dunno, probably. The need for self expression ?
I'm disappearing up my own backside. Time for red wine.
Over and out.