Sunday 25 January 2015

Der Yoof Of Today

Well, only four months late, here's a few photos of a trip I had in September with Eldest Son, Dan.

I ordered perfect weather and got it once again. We left the Essex flatlands at about four in the morning, reaching Wareham just before eight, where we had a great breakfast at a nameless cafe in the High Street ( sorry, the old memory ain't what it was ).

Ten minutes after brekkie, we ( I ) was putting up the tent at a small site in Langton Matravers, while Dan sat in the car., really, I don't need any help, you sit in the car and play with your phone. Anyway, tent up and I pop to the shop, come back and he's asleep in the tent ! The youth of today, my day, etc, etc.
Just joking, I'm a control freak and didn't want any help. When he woke up, we set off along the coast path westwards, stopping off at St Albans Head, where I clambered down the cliffs with Dan shouting " Be careful, you diiiiick !". No respect, these youngsters. He sat at the top watching me clamber down and then back up again. I like pointless exploring.
Give Dad a hug
We had a walk round Chapman's Pool and then up a really , really steep climb, where I did my usual pathetic thing of going up as quick as possible and pretending I wasn't out of breath, leaving 20 year old son trailing in my ultra-fit-look-at-me-ain't-I great wake. Well, it makes me happy. He was cursing as he reached the top. That made me happy too.
After that, we headed inland along a ridge to Kingston where we had a welcome pint.
From Kingston we headed back eastwards stopping off at the Spire and Compass in Worth Matravers, a really unique, quirky pub and tried the local ciders.
After that, we walked back to the campsite and went for a bite to eat...somewhere. It was four months ago, I can't remember what happened yesterday. Any way, it was a great couple of days away. He's a fine fellow ( he would be, I'm his Dad ). I hope "The Boy" enjoyed it as much as me.