Monday 30 May 2016

The Merry Month of May

May, my favourite month. Goes so quick. This month I've mostly been.....outside. Too busy to blog.

In the bluebell woods

Everything bursts into life in May, pity it doesn't last for longer. All the spring flowers are pretty much finished now. Shame.

Dave with a double figure roker. Corker.
Fishing has been patchy. Very few bass, no codling. Skate fishing unpredictable, at one point I had four blanks on the trot, then it improved and I had eighteen decent fish in two trips lasting no more than three hours each. 

Trimmingham with Lucky Bob and the Norfolk boys
Had a hound session at Trimmingham with the Norfolk mafia. Unfortunately, the weed was horrific, but we managed a few small hounds with Lucky Bob having the best at around 6lb.

Lucky Bob....just about the best angler on the east coast
I did manage a few myself

Spent a bit of time grooving up the van....

Digging rag worm on the marshes