Saturday 21 March 2015

On The Beach

First beach session of the year. Me and The Whittler headed off on a mile long walk across the shingle, to our favourite roker mark. "Tonight's the night", I thought, perfect conditions. Calm, biggish tide.
I'm pretty sure there is no better place in the country for beach roker than this spot, which is very convenient, as it's only fifteen minutes drive from the twenty minute walk.
In short, we had a good night with nine roker to about 7lb and a sizeable codling ( to The Whittler ) between us.
A mercifully blurred photo of The Whittler (he's an ugly bugger)
with roker number 1
The day before I had a walk down by the river, along the creek near Thorrington Mill. I stopped at a sheltered spot in the sun and went to sleep. Again. Several chiffchaffs calling, although I have yet to hear or see any other migrants. A gorgeous spring day.


  1. Rod Stewart, didn't know he was a beach fishing man. I'm having a few Speckled Hens now to 'celebrate' Bournemouth… John

  2. Pltease explaiyour Rod guess TT ? Yes disappointing for Boro. The England vs France rugby has been fantastic though.

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  4. Tonight's the night? I will never understand managers, when I played at a reasonable amateur level and you had a winning team you kept it and let the opposition worry. here we have a team that has beaten Ipswich and Derby so we change it for what everyone kew was a weaker team. Tactics I suppose. What do I know I'm only a fan.

    Do you eat the Roker? They must be as good as Skate.

    Dog walking time along the drain now.

    All the best, John

  5. That was one of the songs, but I wasn't thinking of Rod. Have another look, it's (I'm guessing) of your, er, vintage ! Yes, roker is sold as "skate" in the fish shops. Roker is just an east coast nickname. Thornback ray techinically speaking. And yes, they're lovely. I just hate skinning them. Took me about three quarters of an hour to do three this morning ( and lots of cursing ).

  6. There's 'down by the river', Neil Young and '… along the creek' is almost Credence Clearwater. Vintage 03.07.46 by the way. The boss and I were in a record shop in Greenwich Village and I asked for a Mothers of invention I couldn't fine, Reply, 'you'll be a man of a certain age, sir'. John

  7. Correct NY. "On The Beach", "On The Beach" and as you say, DBTR. Ha ha great story ! I love Creedence too. My current fave band, The Wave Pictures do a couple of great CCR covers, "Sinister Purpose" and "Green River". I'm 24.05.64, a birthday shared with Bob Dylan !