Friday 6 March 2015

A Full Moon, The Scarlett Elf Cup and Navel Gazing

Last night, me and the Whittler had a quick trip to the beach hoping and expecting a few codling and maybe a roker or two. What we got was a flat calm sea, a beautiful moonlit evening and no fish.
The Whittler rivals Wak Baines for the breadth of his interests and opinions. As an added bonus he doesn't mumble, which means you don't have to ask him to repeat things three times before understanding him. Always agreeable company.
Wildlife Watch : On today's walk I spotted a pair of buzzards, a pair of kestrels and a pair of sparrowhawks, along with the (apparently very rare), scarlett elf cup. C'mon, admit it, you've never heard of it have you ?

Why do we blog ? When I say "we", I mean  people who do it for a non commercial reason.Would it matter to the blogger if nobody read it ? Or is it enough to do it for it's own sake ?
I suppose I do it so I can post a few photos to show a few mates and as an excuse to.....Oh, I don't know, write was is essentially an on line diary. Would I do it if nobody read it. Dunno, probably. The need for self expression ?
I'm disappearing up my own backside. Time for red wine.
Over and out.


  1. Muse on Wak. Baker says peregrines hover? He also talks about elms a lot. A very Essex tree/hedge before it was wiped out virtually

  2. Yeah, i think he describes a part of the landscape that had disappeared by the time we were 10 or 11. Never knew peregrines hover, but haven't spent much time watching them.