Sunday 15 March 2015

Once Upon A Time......

The Mighty Turdster with a monstrous 15lb turbot. Caught despite ( because ?) defying skipper's instructions. Alderney, 2011.
10lb 12 oz Stour zander, 2009. I was well chuffed with that.
23lb Stour carp. I vaguely remember Goozgog being there too. 2003.
Mak with a big perch from Ardleigh in 1985
Bainsy, Shanus and me at Alton, 2009.
I love looking at old photos. There's always a hint of melancholy about time flies and people physically change. None of these photos are related, just a random snapshot of some of the thousands I've taken over the years.

Mak Baines wedding.Mak, Shane, me, Lobby ( before he threw up in Shane's car )

Above - Shanus throwing out his 4lb carp livebait on the Ebro in Spain. And the result, a catfish of around 80lb.
Below - More Ebro stuff including a rather nice photo of me sunbathing in pants.

The now iconic photo of Mak Baines, in forlorn pose, after losing a winter carp after waiting hours
Perchtastic pics, from Smeg's and the Kennet.Late 90s.
Hang on son ! There's a 140lb catfish attached and it's doing it's best to pull me in.

Smeg with an 80lb conger, with Goozgog keeping his distance. Weymouth 2010.

Goozgog and my Dan. A balmy evening on the Stour in 2001.
At Blenheim Palace, with Goozgog, Smeg and Liitle Owl. Tenching, but catching bream. 2001.
Goozgog in Ireland 1985

Goozgog on "The Point" at Alresford, circa 1985


  1. Wak, you had a belter of a shiner as my best man as I recall....and I was literally half the man I nown am. That Ardliegh perch, you made me get in the car to go with only a pint of milk to drink, no tea or coffe or food after a night on the lash and walking home from Colchester in the early hours. That is why I still looked pissed in the picture. Bauhaus t-shirt btw. Love the pic of Guzzagog on the Point. You told all the kids you were hammering them on........cheese.

  2. Yes, was rather nasty. I remember the Ardleigh trip. You were living by the hospital ? We hammered the fish from the point, but they'd only go on the shallows if there was a ripple. If not they stayed in the deeper water. Don't remember telling kids we used cheese ? It was red black eyed beans, maple flavoured. Somebody watched us through binoculars so we put a fence in the water 10 yards out !! What ridiculous things we used to do.