Monday 7 October 2013

Boners Are Back

Yes, it's true, the wait is over.

After a brief hiatus (look it up), The Strolling Bones are back. Sort of. The very beginnings of the 2014 challenge(s) are being discussed. This time Ruddski is hoping that no accidents prevent him not only organising, but participating fully to the very end. Mad dogs notwithstanding.

Although The Silent Assassin suffered the trauma of being forcibly withdrawn ( stop sniggering at the back Slowgrove ) at 80 km in Trailtrekker, he seems keen to be involved in any of the suggestions raised so far.

Talking of Norbert Slowgrove, I think he may have been permanently harmed by his, admittedly unpleasant, finale to the Trailtrekker in June, as whenever a prospective challenge is discussed, after initial enthusiasm, he says he's not up for it because "it's too hard". C'mon man, it's only pain.

The Manc Midgit will be up for anything he's told to do, as "I'm a private, not an Officer", as he never tires of telling us. Well, he'll do anything Mandi lets him..

That leaves The FISH and Hamish. Time will tell whether they will be taking part or in the Support Team. I think The FISH will be up for a cycling trip, if he can drag himself from the DIY.

Anyway, in the mean time, The Mighty Ruddski and myself enjoyed probably the last weekend of really warm, sunny weather this year, in a 50 mile bike ride around the Suffolk countryside yesterday. The first 30 odd miles was enjoyable, with quiet roads, good scenery and bright sunshine. The last 20 were less fun, being on busier roads, but a decent ride nonetheless.

The Mighty Ruddski ( AKA Mussolini ) and myself - Fine Specimens of East Anglian Manhood

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