Monday 7 September 2015

The Times They Are A Changing

Got up at 1.00 to go fishing with Whittler on Saturday morning.
Lovely night, lots of whiting and pouting. Nothing decent. Didn't get light until well gone 5.
Good to be back on the beach again. That's all.


  1. Like the chiffchaf and swifts, marking the seasons.

  2. The swifts have gone here and it's flocks of house martins and swallows, sometimes 2 or 300 strong heading south. Good to see the numbers though. Even Bob Dylan would approve ES. Grilled whiting, lovely. John

  3. You're right John. Whiting is a much under rated eating fish. My kids like whiting fillets in breadcrumbs more than anything. Which is handy, as sometimes they're all I can catch.