Saturday 13 February 2016

Bits and Pieces

Saw Bo Ningen and Savages in Cambridge on Friday. I can honestly say I've not seen anything like Bo Ningen before. The entire audience stood there with their mouths wide open as they watched twenty minutes of mayham, finishing off with a bass guitar being trashed. It was great, but twenty minutes was enough.
Savages were fanfeckingtastic. Jenny Beth is a great front women and...well see for yourself if you get the chance.

I'm enjoying the football at the moment too, especially the shower below.....

Some graffiti spotted in London last week. One in the, erm, eye, for Britain's most pompous vegan. I snigger every time I see it.

Check out the latest Alternative TV album, "Opposing Forces". Their best yet I think and they've been going since 1977. A fearsome, manacing record, not bad for a load of fifty somethings. Top work.

Lastly, a bit of "log porn" for TT. Not a phrase you've heard before I bet.

Piking later this week hopefully, if the weather forecast is right. Toodle Pip.

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