Saturday 30 April 2016

Spring On Hold

APRIL is the cruellest month, 
Breeding lilacs out of the dead land, 
Mixing memory and desire, 
Stirring  dull roots with spring rain.

The Wasteland

Bloody weather, getting sick of it. Sleet showers on Tuesday, temperatute at 3 pm 3 degrees C. There's been some bright days, but not many I'd describe as warm.

Not been all bad though. A few weeks ago I did my first 10 km race (  I started at a marathon and am working backwards ) at Little Bromley. 500 runners, a flat course and a breezy, sunny day. Finished in 45.04, so not bad. Then celebrated at Luccas Italian restaurant in Manningtree. Great place.

Also spent all my money on this....

The roker have temporarily disappeared, I've blanked three times on the trot. No codling and bass yet to show.

I'm sure things will pick up soon.