Tuesday 13 June 2017

In Like Flynn

Me and Lord Pualus the Carp King have had a couple of short "below the radar" sessions at my new favourite pit.
First trip was a very quick evening session. Nice and warm, wind pushing in to our bank, spot on.
We managed three between us, plus I lost a decent fish on the last cast. Best one to Pualus, a common of  around 14 or 15lb.
A few days later a very early morning trip was planned. We were set up by 03.15, with dawn just beginning to break and a full moon glowing.

A few handfuls of maize was spread around my area, with Pualus opting for tiger nuts because "I only have to bait up once in the session ". Fair enough.

I was in first with a nicely conditioned mirror, shortly followed by another. Then another.
Pualus hadn't had a touch. He decided that action was required, so flicked out his bait a bit further, right on the edge of a slightly deeper gully, chucked in several handfuls of tigers and within two minutes had a screaming run.

To say these fish go mad when you hook them is an understatement. They tear off at such speed you can here the line zipping through the water. Forget trying to backwind, you can't keep up with them.
The fish Lord Pualus is holding in the picture above went so crazy we were laughing our dicks off as he tried in vain to control it.

All the fish were again in absolutely pristine condition. Surprisingly, despite 80 or 90 per cent of the fish we've been seeing being ghostie or metallic types, all the fish this morning were "standard" commons or mirrors ( though that description does them an injustice ).
We finished up with six between us, best again around 15lb and sneaked off without being seen for coffee and breakfast in the garden. Happy days.

Pualus "holed up" under a bush