Wednesday 18 October 2017

The Flat Rats Are Back

"Walking is the best exercise by far. Habituate yourself to walk very far"

Thomas Jefferson

It's been a good few months since I fished at the local beach for the rays, but the freezer was low on the fish front and the tides looked spot on, so I grabbed the rods and off I went for the afternoon.

Conditions looked about spot on, calm, light south west wind, but you never can tell whether they'll be about. Nobody else about, which I always prefer, I was was cutting up some bait and looked up to see the tip bent right round and the rod butt lifting off the ground. It'd only been out there five minutes.

I wound down and felt the pleasing thud of a roker swimming down tide and a few minutes later the first one of the day was in the cool box.

As I was unhooking the first fish the other rod sprung back and the line fell slack. Another one.

The next couple of hours they continued feeding on and off and I ended up with nine, all around 5-6lb. I came back for another go a couple of days later and had another five to 9.5lb, so plenty of fish about.

Daytime sessions much better at the moment because as soon as it's dark the whiting are on the baits before the rays get a chance.

Still a few bass in the river, mostly litluns though.

Something special about those Essex mudflats.

On Sunday I did the Wix Five Miler along with four hundred others. Unbelievably warm, a nice flat course and a decent time of 36.39. Then off for a meal and a few pints with Bongo and Mr and Mrs Turdster. Wunderbar.

Lastly, just when you think this prick Trump can't be even more of a buffoon........


  1. Lovely blog, we were in Leigh on sea at the weekend. Son and his lady have bought a lovely house with estuary views. Very nice too. Bit posh for me. John

    PS the pumping should start this week so that will clear the crap out, I hope.

  2. The sea fishing is good at the moment. Whty don't you and Wak come down for a session ? All tackle and bait supplied and highly likely you'll go home with a few fish.

  3. Perhaps I cn sneak a mid wweek in soon