Tuesday 28 November 2017

That Time of Year

The bonfire, bright against the grey
Our custom in those old Decembers
Standing in encroaching darkness
Gazing into orange embers

From the cuttings, canes and deadwood
Apple, rose and artichoke
Came the wraiths of vanquished summer
Snaking out of sparks and smoke

From "The Winter Bonfire" byMartin Newell

Late November, getting darker and darker, light starts to fade around half three, not long to the winter solstice. Then the fightback begins.

Had some cracking bright, sunny days recently though. Been out running and biking, making the most of it. No fishing for three weeks though, can't get excited catching whiting and undersized codling or anything freshwater at the moment.

Had some interesting fishing this year though. Some of the highlights....

Catching at thirty something pound tope off the beach in the middle of a beautiful warm, sunny June day with a good mate. Thanks Bob.

An hour and a bit of fantastic lure fishing in Ireland, catching good sized coalfish in eighty foot of water in a five or six knot tide on light spinning gear, with The Mighty Turdster. Great fun.

The Poach Pit provided some great fishing for beautiful uncaught ghostie / metallic carp. Me and Lord Pualus of Clacton had so many good evenings there. The savagery of the fight was incredible. We'll have some more of that next year. Hopefully.

 Had some good sessions in Dorset in da camper,  on the black bream, wrasse, smoothies, makkie and gars with Conc, in glorious T shirt weather in October.

Also, a good day in early spring catching plaice in Brighton, again with The Concmeister.

Taking Mason fishing a few weeks ago, in beautiful warm weather and catching loads of rays with Norfolk Bob and Conc. Mason having his first ray on a light bass rod and struggling to get it in.

The best fishing of the year for me, without any doubt, was catching ( mostly not catching ) mullet on the fly in the local estuary. That was so, so good. And not something I thought I'd ever do.
The stray sea trout just about topped it off. I want more.

Other highlights....

Clive's cooking in a little place in Andalucia, enjoyed with Mr and Mrs Turdster. Still the best I've ever had. The man's a genius. And he hates "foodies".
Dorset and North Norfolk in da camper. Magical places.
Another few days in Brighton to see ex Fall troop, Brix and The Extricated. Good food, a few drinks and a great gig.
Barbel fishing in the Ardennes in 30 deg C with The Turdster.
An absolutely fantastic James gig at Newmarket in August with Goozgog. Great night, top chuuuuunes.
Got a few qualifications throughout the year, which pleased me as an oldie.
Doing the "Paras 10" in May and finishing within the Paras qualifying time, leaving hairy arsed, twenty something squaddies in my wake. Yes, it really happened. I fookin' loved it.

Loads of other stuff, too
 much to mention. Few crap things that we won't mention.

Music. This year I've been mostly listening to.....

James. So many top tunes and the new stuff is really good. Not "OK", really good.
Everything Everything. Not my usual stuff but very unusual, original stuff.
Sleaford Mods. You will love or hate them.
"Crop Dust" by The Fall. A re discovered gem. Other old Fall,stuff too.
Interpol. Got a charity shop album for 50p and then bought their other CDs. Great stuff. How did I overlook them first time round ?
The Pop Group - Citizen Zombie. Post punk groove funk. Yeah baby.


Fragile Lives by Stephen Westerby. Heart surgeon. Gripping. What a life. What a man.


The Vietnam War - A ten part documentary on BBC4 ( I think ). Superb, some stunning footage. Same old story about those not learning from history being doomed to repeat it.

That's it for now. Toodle pip.