Wednesday 24 February 2021

Rumours of my demise.....


After years in the blog wilderness The Loafer returns with stories and photos a plenty.

Where to begin ? Feck knows, so I'll start with today.

After months of the rivers being in permanent flood, they're now spot on. Even for pike.

I found a spot that I've never fished before but looked like a dead cert. Loads of cover, deep 'oles out of the flow, a shallow feeder dyke, perfect.

River fining down, temperatures rising I couldn't fail could I ? Well, no actually I couldn't.

A couple of nice fish on a "deadroachanoster" on a quick morning session, I was more than happy.

A couple of days later I took The Mighty Turdster to "the spot" as he'd only ever caught one pike before.

Similar conditions, a good chat whilst watching the wildfowl and a kingfisher working the river and three pike in the bag before it was time for breakfast. Wunderbar.