Friday 31 May 2024

Quest For Asp

I'd lost an asp on the first day and had two other hits, but had so far drawn a blank on this particular target, but Im a hungry, determined fecker and was still confident of success.

We dragged ourselves away from what was a perfect riverside campsite in search of another great spot.

The local tackle shop directed me to a place we could park up and fish close to the van. Very nice spot it was too and after a bit of lunch we gave it an hour with one feeder rod out as a "sleeper" and both of us working lures.

It looked good, but not a touch, so we moved on to an absolutely beautiful place in a huge wetland reserve where we got on the bikes and saw spoonbills, two types of egret, kingfishers, cuckoos and enormous amounts of wildfowl. 

After tea I took the lure rod down to the river, carefully avoiding the wild horses and cattle that looked disturbingly like buffalo. 

Walking out to the point where the fast water ran over the croy I put on a long casting "asp lure". They generally like creases where the very fastest water disorientates prey fish.

The river was very coloured, probably six inches visibility. I'm glad I don't know enough about asp to know whether that's good or bad.  I feared the latter.

Before I'd even tackled up I'd seen two eruptions in exactly the same spot as the bait fish were hit on the surface. I was shaking before I'd even cast out. Alas, nothing. Not a touch. 

On went a zander lure and first cast a big fish crashed on to the shad barely two feet from the edge. I still missed it. An enjoyable blank.

You won't be surprised to know I was back the following morning, alternating between asp and zander. Not a touch on the zander lures. I was surprised. 

I kept trying in the fast water but nothing. I'd leave it ten minutes then try again but I was drawing a blank. Then, out of nowhere a fish hit the lure inches beneath the surface. A lot of thrashing and at last I'd got an asp.

It was a real litlun of a little over a pound but I was well pleased. I was keener than ever and ten minutes later an obviously much bigger fish hit the lure with ferocity and the water exploded. Several fast sub surface runs but it was soon in the slack water and heading for the net.

A real beauty of, I'm guessing, 5lb plus. I keep saying "I was well chuffed" but,I was well chuffed !

Back at the van for a celebration breakfast and then on to the next place on the other side of the river for a go. Toodle pip.


  1. A cracker, nice one. Sounds a great fish to angle for !!

  2. Cheers Mick. Yes, they're great fun.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Toodle. Was well pleased to get a couple in those conditions.