Monday 6 April 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For, Poodle Riley

Goozgog in Ireland, 1985. Note wicker basket.
Spoke to Poodle the other day and he was laughing at some old photos I posted a while back, especially one of Goozgog. "Have you got any more" he said, hoping for more laugh's at Goozgog's expense. Well, yes, I have.
Goozgog at Alresford pit, circa 1974

Believe it or not, in those days, Goozgog was a bit of a young legend and appeared in Angling Times a couple of times, after he caught some big bream at a Alresford pit. He told us youngsters to use red maggots for the bream because "they think they're worms". Presumably when the bream came across worms they thought they were red maggots.
Another nugget of wisdom was telling us to take our anti reverse off our Mitchel 410s, as "click scares the fish away". He also caught a hundred fish in one day at "Ted's Reservoir" in Thorrington, when us mere mortals had caught maybe a dozen between us. The secret, were were told, was to change our size 10 hooks to size 16 model perfect, hook to nylons ( he was right on that one).
After this early success, it's sad to reflect that the 13 year old Goozgog would undoubtedly outfish the 53 year old he is now.
Anyway, to restore at bit of balance, here's one of Poodle Riley taken in the middle part of the last century.


  1. I've still got my wicker basket… and hook to nylons. Now that sounds like real angling. Love the photographs.

    All the best,


    PS That bloody manager, why did he change the back four? Dropped a player in-form to the bench and put two new players in. Who were rubbish. I reckon it's the play-offs now, Norwich and Bournemouth automatic.

  2. Don't see wicker baskets these days, far too impractical. You need something that resembles scaffolding.
    Yes, Boro slipped up. Think you're right about the top two.....unfortunately.

  3. Off up to the Boro in a moment, that'll be fun, and back tonight. Don't forget the camouflaged wheelbarrow. I saw a pike fisherman last season and all his gear was in camp, from the amount he caught his baits too, but camouflaged rod ests, give us a break. I can't find them if they're pink. John

  4. Bloody spellcheck, 'all his gear was in camouflage'. TT