Thursday 16 April 2015

Ode To Goozgog

Top quality pizza served up by Goozgog from his home made pizza oven
Capel hermit, master baker,
General builder, pizza maker,
Short arsed fellow, house designer,
Spit roast chicken, nothing finer.

Allotment plot, with cultivator,
Asparagus and new potatoes,
Home produced, it's not from China,
Can fish a bit, well sort of, kinda


  1. Don't let the boss see that pizza oven she'll go green. TT

  2. I have to say, they're as good as any pizzas I've had. He'd build you one.....for a price !

  3. The boss has seen it and is interested, how much would he charge? She'd like one as a wedding anniversary present! Must get her back to her medal winning home brewing again… Let me know how much or get the man to let me know.

    All the best, John

  4. Ha ha, yeah will do. That's the type of pressie that I'd like to give.....I end up benefitting. Will let you know, after I've added my commission.