Sunday 3 May 2015

The Time Is Now

Wrabness. Sky big enough for you ?

My favourite time of year I think. Spring in full flow, bluebells out everywhere, bass showing, warm enough for shorts and T shirt ( well, some of the time )

Bluebells in Captain's wood
I admit it, I did go fishing once this week ( might have been twice ). Had a few more you-know-whats. And no, I'm not bored of catching them. I remember the years when you caught next to nothing every session, so I'm filling my boots ( and the freezer ).
The Spot

As the man said "Don't forget to smell the flowers along the way".


  1. Wak, promised land in two games. Or not. We toughed it better than PNE today. League table never lies.

    Life looks good on the Tendring Peninsular.

  2. It is. You and TT should come down for a session after the skate. It's a sociable way to fish. Now is prime time.

  3. I'm car-less at the moment. something to do with a bearing behind the gearbox bolloxything. first problem with a Subaru in three models and a total of 280,000 miles. This one has done 34,000. They don't make them like they used to.


  4. That's a pity John. Give us a shout when you're mobile. Or we'll go up to the Norfolk coast. It's fishing it's nuts off at the moment. Some of the best beaches are 15 mins from BB's house. Might even get a bacon sarnie if we're lucky. I know Bsolutely nothing about cars.