Tuesday 5 May 2015

Rum Ol' Goings On

Caught this clonker of 13lb the other day, lovely. Some great fishing at the moment. Further up in Suffolk and Norfolk, some big bass and smoothies were caught over the weekend. Get yer sea rods out Bainsy boy.

Some very weird goings on in the sand dunes behind where I was fishing, not only blokes this time, a few woman as well. This might be enough to get Poodle Riley to move back to Essex to join in the action. Not sure age limits apply though

Well, you've got to, haven't you ?


  1. Perhaps the ladies and gentlemen were walking the dog(s). It certainly sounds very 'sophisticated' down there in Essex. John

  2. John, I can assure you they were not dog walking ! There was a group of about a dozen at one stage, including a woman. I admit I was curious !