Sunday 12 July 2015

High Summer

Back from a good week in south Devon, East Prawle to be precise. Sunny and windy pretty much all week, so can't complain.

A few houses, a good cafe, a general store and a great pub. That's it. That'll do for me.

There's no place finer than Blighty when the sun shines. Watched a pair of peregrines on and off all week, whilst fishing from the rocks.

Great time of year, Tour De France and the Ashes at the same time. Sporting heaven. Especially when we win. The mighty Chameleons' album, "Script of the Bridge" in the CD player all week. A forgotton classic.


Photos a bit watery, taken on the phone with sea spray over the lens. Not an artistic decision, just lack of care.

Toodle pip.


  1. Remember a holiday we had in Cornwall BC, a week of sun and Wrasse off the rocks.
    Great stuff. ATB, John