Monday 20 July 2015

The Curse Is Broken

The sole curse that is. Not caught one since 1978, when I was 14, on Clacton Pier. Me and Turdy went to Aldeburgh last week on a muggy, windless evening hoping to change that.
First cast and I'd got one, not very big, but a sole nevertheless. Next cast a hideous eel that had garroted itself on the main line and came in dead.
We ended up with whiting, pout and a couple of soles and lots of mozzie bites. Not a bad night.

Early Friday morning I had a quick hour down the river and in very windy conditions managed five bass to 2,5lb. The first bass for a while and very welcome.

A very early start Saturday and me and Lord Conc hit the shingle in North Norfolk, hoping for mackeral. A blank two hours and things weren't looking good. We eventually started to catch a few and ended up with just over a dozen plus a good number of launce.
Interesting day in the sun, topped off by a pig out in "Picnic Fayre" in Cley. We admired their impressive fruit and veg display and walked inside and ordered pies and cakes.

Where is The Whittler ? He's not been seen for a few months and we are concerned for the welfare of this simpleton.. If you see him please ring social services.

Missing : The Whittler


  1. I saw a bloke like him down the Middle Level last week. he told me that alien flying saucers fasten themselves onto the pylon wires to charge their batteries up… John

  2. Ha ha, normal for Norfolk, that's what they say, isn't it ?