Tuesday 1 December 2015


December, dark at half three. Crap.

Fave stuff of the year......

Seville marathon - Feb 2015
Seville marathon. Great race, beautiful city. And it's warm.....even in February.

Hungry John with a big catch of codling and skate
What a fantastic day in April with Hungry John. We only fished the flood tide and had eleven big roker to 14lb and fifty six codling between 3 and 5lb.

Mason and "Young Charles"
Wrabness wood, with Mason and Charlie. In March and April, full of wood anemones..It only lasts for three or four weeks, but what an incredible sight.

50lb plus sting ray from the local beach in May. I was rather pleased with that.

Cornwall for a week in June walking the south west coastal path with Bongo. Fanfeckingtastic.

Chesil beach, in glorious July
Dorset, a glorious week in July. On Chesil beach in shorts and T shirt catching mackeral and scad on light spinning gear. A young lad about five or six came along with his dad and caught a trace full of mackeral as a huge shoal passed by, chasing the food fish up on to the beach. Amazing.

My favourite bass spot on the river
South west Ireland
September, a week in south west Ireland with the Turdster. Good weather, loads of fish, plenty of laughs, a few drinks. Life doesn't get any better.


Clothes, Music, Boys - Viv Albertine . Great auto biography, gripping.

Born To Run - Christopher McDougall . An incredible investigation into the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico. Read it.

How To Be Free - Tom Hodgkinson . Not a new one for me, but I've re read it. Half total bullshit, half really interesting. Never boring.

This Boy - Alan Johnson . An auto biography by a politician that barely even mentions politics. A tale of shocking poverty and a refusal to be beaten or become bitter.


Everything Everything - Get To Heaven . I used to really dislike this group. I can't explain why this changed. I don't think I've ever gone from loathing to loving a band. Strange, interesting with some top CHUUUUUUUNES.

Anything by Sleaford Mods. I'll understand it if you hate them.

Mark Lanegan Band - Harvest Home . Rough blues I'd call it.

Prodigy and Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down - Middle aged blokes kick bottom. BOOOOOOOM !


  1. Wak, nights wil be pulling out ever so slowly from about the 23rd .

  2. Yeah, can't wait. Might even get the pike rods out.