Tuesday 29 November 2016

Golden Days

Autumn is the second spring
When every leaf is in flower

Albert Camus

The boy Camus played in goal for a team that twice won the North African Champions Cup in the 30s. That is your factoid of the day kids.

What a stunning couple of days we've just had. Perfect late autumn weather. Crisp, totally windless, the sun straining to melt the frost.

Most of the trees are clinging on to the last of the leaves, all of which will be gone in the next decent storm, but what a show it is at the moment.

I went out around midday today, along the river and through the woods, now several inches deep in brittle, flaky leaves, crunching underfoot. Almost total silence, just a few tell tale peeps from a group of long tailed tits and the far off "cawing" of rooks, squabbling on the stubble fields.

Days like these are rare, especially near the coast and you cannot help but be aware of the lack of "weather noise". I made the most of it today and probably did five or six miles in total.

It almost makes me want to dig the pike rods out for a go on the river. Toodle pip.