Tuesday 8 November 2016

Roll On Spring

God, I hate it when the clocks go back. Dark at five. Horrible.
Caught yet more skate last week, plus too many whiting.
On Sunday I did the Lode Half Marathon in 1.38.40, battling a strong, cold northerly wind blasting across the fens. Good course and sunny though. Didn't enjoy the last mile. Like most long runs, enjoyable in retrospect.
That is all. See you in April.


  1. Trump wins? Spring cancelled. Winter extended.

  2. I can't believe it. I got Brexit wrong too. If it was so frightening it would be hilarious.

  3. Called them both, the World is lurching to the self interested nationalistic right. That's democracy for you. The plebiate are plebs.

  4. "Democracy is two foxes and a chicken deciding on what's for dinner.Liberty is a well armed chicken contesting the decision"