Monday 17 July 2017

Carp and Gumbys

Essentials only for guesting sessions

Pualus in his new swim
Had a fish Friday evening in a new spot, a bottleneck separating two areas of about four or five acres each. Put a couple of handfuls of cut maize out and immediately had a few fish stirring up the bottom. Unfortunately, it took a good two hours before I had a take. How does that happen ? I could see the buggers sending up clouds of silt for ages.

When I finally got one it turned out to be another " white one " of about 10lb.

The bottleneck
Pualus then had a real screamer which was out of control even as he pulled into it. Seconds later his heavy trace was broken and the fish was off. See, it's not only me that they run ragged. He is a cheery, happy fellow but he was not pleased.

And that was that. No further action. We listened to a couple Gumbys camping and talking total shite on the opposite bank, collecting wood and making a massive fire on the parched ground. I said to Pualus they'd leave all their litter and crap after they packed up. I popped down the next morning with a bin bag and they had. Pea brained morons.