Sunday 30 July 2017

Mixed Bag

Just a quick one as I'm busy at the moment, " things to do, people to see ". Fish to catch too.

The week started off with those goddam carp down the road. First chuck in a nice fish, then one lost, then I hooked a big. very angry ghostie which came off at the net. Bastard. Finally a nice fish to end the frustrating trip.

Two size 6 Drennan Barbel hooks straightened. Poor show. I complained to Drennan, they fobbed me off with " I've fished with them for years and never had a problem ". Oh well, I must be making it up then.

The following evening I took my mate Adamski to the big ressie for some roach fishing. He's a commercial carp water matchman type fisherman.

I'm glad to say  I thrashed his sorry arse. He actually ended up begging to join me in my swim, which I obviously loved, because it means I'll get years of piss taking out of it. Final result.....Me ( I am Mighty ) 30 Adamski 6.

It was a beautiful evening in good company. The ressie is a bit daunting if you're used to small waters. Adamski has vowed to come back fully prepared. Used my homemade 16-18" floats to get beneath the undertow, it really does make a difference.

A few days later, for reasons that I cannot now remember I set out to deliberately to catch the ressie bream. As I pulled the first sack of unmoving slime over the net I immediately wondered why I'd thought this was a good idea. Anyway, I had a couple around 7lb while my mate Steve blanked next door. Give me roach any day.

Smelly bastard
Next project is a mullet hunt. Stand by.

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