Friday 11 August 2017

High Summer

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

Henry James

Great gig last week at Newmarket race course. The mighty James, first time I've seen them. What a band, so many chuuuuunes. Goozgog left the confines of Capel and joined me and was as equally enthusiastic as me. We enjoyed the, erm, people watching, too.

So many singalong numbers, what a voice Tim Booth has got. The old classics mixed in with ( very good ) new stuff. Best gig for ages.

I've been mulleting again. By that I mean I've been fishing for them, not catching them. I knew I had it too easy last week.

I've been trying to find out where they are at different stages of the tide. At the moment all I know is where they are around low water. It appears they spread out a bit as the tide floods. Going again tomorrow, I'm due another one.

What a beautiful evening it was yesterday, the wind dropped away leaving blue sky and scattered cloud. Fantastic.

There were loads of fish about, big ones, small ones and some as big as....well, you get the picture, Couldn't catch the buggers though.

Corking photos, even if I say so myself.

Been listening to " Antics " by Interpol recently, which has been played relentlessly on the car CD player. A real " grower " and my current fave. Check it out, pop pickers.

Finally, a word for The Mighty Turdster, who caught himself a stonking 9lb bass from  his own boat last week. Good work Turd.


  1. Photos are spot on - 9 lbs bass, that's something very special. Well done that man! I am very humbled by the inclusion of my blog on your links. I'd repay the compliment if I knew how? - Dyl

  2. Yes, cracking and now sadly rare to get a bass of that size. Keep blogging Dyl.

  3. Basstastic. You need to get back to that marina. Must be autumn perchios soon.

  4. That is a most handsome fish, beautiful. John