Monday 31 January 2022

Esox and Avocets

Oh yes, last day of January, onwards and upwards dear friends. Nice quick session yesterday when I took The Turdster for a bit of river piking.

Beautiful frosty morning, freezing cold until the sun rose and then we basked in glorious sunshine.

Didn't have to wait long for a bit of action. The float gave a slight bob on the flat calm water, the rings betraying the unseen toothy villain ( bit of Crabtree for you ).

Turdster was on it in a flash and a spirited pike gave a good account of itself before hitting the net. Cracking looking fish in immaculate condition. Great start.

I recast and much fat was chewed. Death was one of the topics discussed, not in an entirely morbid way. Hard to get your head round isn't it. You know it, but it's incomprehensible. Turdy promised when I croak it my headstone would have " He won't be happy about this " emblazoned on it. 

Billions of planets without intelligent life and we exist. Now. For a blip in time. Get your head around that. Or don't and just try to catch a few fish.

Twenty minutes later the float was away again, quicker this time, sliding under with speed. A short fight with the fish zipping about and a slightly smaller, but equally lovely looking pike posed for a photo with The Mighty Turdster.

We tried another swim without success, but my stomach was agitating for a proper breakfast and by eleven o clock I was back home tucking in to egg, bacon and coffee. With cram, not milk of course.

In the afternoon I grabbed the bins and had a walk along the estuary and watched a huge group of avocets grazing in shallow water, a lovely sight.

Birds are a bit like fish, they have favoured places where you can be ( almost ) sure they'll be at certain times. Watercraft my dear boy.

All in all, a damn fine day.