Saturday 1 January 2022

Needs Must

On 58 species for the year and I needed a dab and a rockling to make it 60, so off me and Cocksy went to Harwich. We had some revolting bait, frozen lug, half dead ragworm, very dead ragworm and salted ragworm.

First drop down amongst the jetty supports and the rod tip started bouncing. Double shot, a flounder and a dab. That's target number one sorted. Whether the bait was dead, alive or salted seemed to make no difference. Handy if salted baits work though, no need to take up freezer space.

Next hour resulted in loads of dabs, whiting and flounders for us both, but no rockling. I'd not normally target these hideous slimy turds, but I've sold out to the species hunt and needed one quickly.

A change of venue five minutes down the road, with Cocksy putting me in "the swim" and second cast  very welcome slug hit the shore. Wunderbar, job done.

One was quite enough and we bogged off home as the light started to fade, the lights at the port of Felixstowe twinkling in the distance across the flat calm water.

A nice afternoon chewing the fat and tiddler bashing. 

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