Monday 28 February 2022

A Visitor

Yesterday I met naturalised Naaarfolk boi Wak Baines for a fish and catch up.

We started at nice bit of river ideal for trotting. Wak had several nice dace and roach on his oversized Avon float and centrepin before getting tangled up twice in an overhanging tree. The hazards of using a fifteen foot rod.

After a cup of tea in the camper we moved a mile or so downstream for some mobile chubbing. We took a short cut which involved hurdling a five bar gate.

Wak entertained me by suffering multiple indignities as he tried to manoeuvre his ample frame over the gate. Should have had the camera ready.

The first two swims resulted in precisely nothing for both of us. Disappointing as they are usually reliable swims.

We then sat on a deep bend and fished side by side casting downstream where it shallowed. Wak missed several bites which showed fish were present.

I cast way downstream and after a minute the tip went round and as I struck the fish came up and erupted on the surface, zipping this way and that. Not a big fish but a very welcome one.

Unusually, today we did not put the put the world to rights. I think we've all had our fill of it now. Just easy chat and relaxation.

We then moved further downstream to the absolutely-cannot-fail-massive-snag-swim. Of course we failed.

By now the sun had gone in ( well, you know what I mean ) and the wind had got up. It was a bit chilly.

We decided to fish the bend swim on the way back. Unfortunately some dick had decided so run the river off hard, so much so that the meandering Stour became the river Wye for a while.

I managed to wangle another energetic chub out the swim before Wak had to depart for baby sitting duties.

An enjoyable day with an old buddy as usual.