Saturday 3 June 2023

Modern Life Is Rubbish

Or is it ?

Down to Wiltshire in the van, just us in a big field by the canal, lovely.

I had some nice hybrids, 1-2lb which fought like mad and some other bits, but I didn't really suss it out.

Was interesting fishing though, with just about enough success to keep me keen.

That's the van in the distance, nice spot eh ?

Had a walk along the chalk downlands, taking in Silbury Hill and the Avebury stones. Apparantly the largest Neolithic stone circle in the world.

Both Silbury Hill and Avebury are strange, mystical places, or they would be if the National Trust hadn't sanitised and "protected" them.

Fecking interpretation boards, ropes marking off areas, silly souvenir shops and all the rest. Does everything have to be micro managed ?

Yes, it's difficult and needs preservation, but all that fussiness takes away from the magic of it. For me anyway.

I did manage to get a few pictures where I carefully avoided getting cars or the hoardes in the frame, have a look.

There's about forty million too many people in the country and we need a cull. Twenty to thirty million would makes things so much better.

The cull shall include, but not be limited to....

Bigots of any kind

Man Utd, West Ham and Everton fans

Water company bosses ( while we're at it, all utility bosses )

People in shops who call me "fella"

Kirsty Allsop

The bloke down the road who has car reg SAT 666 and dresses in black and who grunts when I give him a cheery " Good Morning". I suppose you should expect this from The Prince of Darkness.

Anyway, on the way back I got caught in five hours of motorway traffic and was rather grumpy about it. Maybe Blur were right.


  1. SAT666 should be the first to go. BTW, Check this out if you haven't already