Saturday 27 May 2023

The Campaign - On Hold

A month in to the campaign to catch some ( or "a" ) tench from TBS.

To say its been slow is an understatement.

Number of tench caught - 0

Number of tench seen rolling - 3 ( possibly )

Other fish caught - Bream ( lots )

Number of tench I've heard of being caught - A few. All to (very) long stay carpers. I haven't got the patience or inclination for long sessions. A long session for me is over five or six hours.

Here's some pretty pictures instead of fish

I'm off to the Kennet and Avon canal later for a week. May well catch a few tench there to get my eye in ( total bollocks of course ).

When I come back it'll be a week or so until the river season opens, so the tench campaign may be left for a while. Who knows ?

I've got some big Fens rudd on the radar and some local mullet fishing to do, if the cold northerly wind ever stops, so lots of choice.

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