Friday 5 May 2023

Down The Road

TBS is just down the road from me, ten or fifteen minutes depending on what bit I'm fishing. It's not an easy place to fish, so there's never many people there and as its three hundred and fifty acres there's plenty of space.

It's a great place for wildlife. Yesterday I had a nightingale and a cettis warbler singing right behind me and there's deer, loads of grass snakes and all sorts.

I had a couple of evening sessions this week and had a few nice bream. No tench yet.

The sit and wait thing is not really me but it makes a change.

I've got to get myself more organised, the tackle bag and rig wallets and in a ridiculous mess and I piss about losing and looking for things like an old fart. Which I'm obviously not.

I suppose that's an excuse to buy some more gear anyway.

Yesterday I had a few hours in the evening and a big storm came through. The temperature dropped like a stone, maybe six or eight degrees in a few minutes.

I managed to avoid most of the rain and nabbed one on the last cast before sloping off in the encroaching darkness.

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