Tuesday 9 May 2023

Back In The Groove

Back in the groove ? Yes, but I'm not exactly caning them. I'm soaking in the atmosphere and vibe of TBS at the moment, it gets in yer blood.

Bream have been spawning over the past few days, the temperature is rising but no tench have been caught. By me at least.

I've moved swims. The bay I had fished seemed lifeless, so I'm a mile and a half away, up the shallow end. I've seen fish here close in, not well enough to say they're definitely tench, but they may have been.

The loft was raided and I found a classic 1980s 11 foot Tricast, 1.75lb TC, built by my mate Lobby. SICs, minimalist look, bloody lovely.

The other rod is a Fox Floater, 12 foot, very soft action, dating back to about the very early 2000s.

I bought the bobbins for about a quid in Czech Republic in 2003 ( the Czechs call them "policemen" ). Groovy eh ?

The alarms are cheapo unbranded made in China, £13.00 for three, delivered. Unbelievable. Had them five years and still working. Don't worry, the fish don't know that they're not Delkims.

I'm not a tight arse, I just couldn't turn down an offer like that.

I'm sitting on the bank now. Lost a biggish perch earlier, a few signs of activity but fishless.

What do you do ? Keep moving, trying to find them, or have confidence in the swim and that the bait will draw fish in and hold them ? I'm thinking give the swim and bait time.

I'll probably change my mind as per normal.

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