Sunday 16 July 2023

Take No Chances

We decided to try a stretch that had been recommended to us by several people. 

We parked up. I grabbed my gear and was ready to go. Bully was faffing about and told me to stop hassling him and he'd meet me on the bank.

Half hour later no sign of him. An hour went by. I rang him. 

"I loaded up my barrow with all my gear and walked off until I realised there were stiles to get over. I'm at the car sorting out my gear into a bag now"

Two hours later I ring him and he's at the nearest peg to the car park. "Not walking any further. When I finally put my chair down the back legs collapsed and I went arse over head". Oh dear.

The fishing ? Crap. Small roach and dace. We packed up, went back to campsite and had a big meal and a beer. It was only late afternoon so plenty of time for an evening session, less than a minute walk from the camper.

We went back to the same swims we fished the evening before.

I started off with a dozen big droppers of maggots, seed and pellet and then fished over the top with a big feeder. Simple stuff.

Nothing for two hours. A rat was shuffling about near my bag, so I got up and walked two paces to shoo it off. Then I heard the reel scream, I turned round to see the rod horizontal, the second ring luckily jammed in the rod rest, which was about to collapse. 

I grabbed the rod and an obviously decent barbel was on, it put up a long and vigorous fight before it was drawn over the net. Another of eight and a half pounds.

Next cast another eight pounder, then an absolute beauty of 10lb 4oz. Fantastic.

Bully unfortunately missed out again.

Last day and we had a recce of a nice bit of river, farted about drinking coffee and sorted the gear ready for another go in the evening on the campsite stretch.

I offered Bully "my" swim. He accepted. I, of course, reminded him that if he blanked there and I caught in his swim I'd never let him forget it.

We were talking about hook lengths. Were they put off by thick line ? I really don't think they are. Bully offered some 10lb ESP Ghost fluoro. 

"Have you used it before ?"

"No" he said.

I decided to stick with 15lb green Big Game. Thick and as tough as old boots.

An hour after starting the tip went round and yet another eight pounder was in the net. Then another an hour later of the same size.

Bully rang. "I've just lost one" he said. "The hooklink broke before I even struck".

ESP Ghost. Give it a wide berth if I were you.

I packed up just after dusk having added a couple of nice roach and a hybrid to the tally and went and sat with Bully until midnight.

It was absolutely still and silent, a lovely night, but it was not to be. He blanked and will forever have to take da shame of failing to catch in "my" swim

Bloody brilliant three days fishing and of course we can't wait to give it another go.