Tuesday 11 July 2023

The Mighty Trent

The camper was fully stocked with bait, tackle, food and drink. I was off with Bully on another trip, this time to the Trent.

I spent the morning going through the van and organising the gear in to some kind of order. Buried beneath about fifteen rods and tackle I found an LRF rod I thought I'd sold years ago ! Bonus, I suppose.

After much searching I even found a couple of bait droppers, one made from a tuna tin about twenty years ago. You can get about quarter of a pint of bait down in one hit, its a beast.

Arriving at the campsite, the first thing we did was walk over the flood bank to have a look at the river. Of course, we had to have a go straight away.

Lead on, cast out and I counted down, oooh, about two seconds maximum. Bit of a surprise. I tried all the way along and it was really shallow in every peg. Not necessarily a problem but not what I expected.

After two hours fishing I was biteless and that on maggots. Not good. I was fishing like a plonker too. Every new venue this happens in first few hours. I can't help myself. 

Loads of tangles, couldn't get comfortable, covered in mud, then it starts thundering and lightning. Brilliant.

When it stopped I re appraised the situation. I'd been  putting maggots and seed out in the feeder on the same spot for two hours. I couldn't believe there were no fish there. Got to be worth continuing to keep the feed going in.

Next cast a fish, a nice dace.

I was pleased with anything at this stage. Next cast a pound plus perch, then another. 

I was getting bites on and off, missing more than I was hitting. Bully was a few pegs down and had just one skimmer, but came up to me saying he just been broken up. Good news, in a way.

With that I started introducing pellet and corn in the feeder then went bank to the camper for a bit of tea.

On my return I changed to stronger line and slightly bigger hook baited with a single pellet.

As soon as the feeder hit the the bottom I started getting line bites and a minute later the tip dropped back and a decent roach was in the net.

The next bite was definitely not a roach. The fourteen footer hooped over as a barbel powered off downstream. It felt a decent one and was, at 8lb 8oz.

Bites continued with another good roach, then another barbel of similar size. I rested the barbel in the net, re cast, then went to release the fish. Before I could so the rod pulled round another fish was on. Blimey.

Obviously plenty of fish in the swim by this stage and as Bully came round for a chat the rod went over again and a slightly smaller barbel was the result.

After a poor start it turned out a really good session.

Four barbel with two over 8.5lb, two perch over the pound, two decent roach plus dace and small chub. That's a good start from a new venue you know nothing about, especially when you spend the first half fishing like a total bell end.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.