Thursday 25 April 2024

Keeping The Gunpowder Dry

What I mean is, I've not been fishing. Why ? As if you didn't know, its been freeeeezing. And wet. And windy.

I must warn you, in this post I spout even more shite than usual. You have been warned.

Being a keen, mostly armchair, football fan, two teams have ruined the last couple of weeks For me.

The mighty Liverpool, whom I've followed since I was a glory seeking kid, have fallan apart. A heavy defeat in the Europa League and more losses in the league against Palace and, of all people, Everton, has made it look like the season is going to end not with a roar but with a whimper. 

Secondly, the much loathed Man Utd managed to beat Coventry, somehow, in the semi final of the FA Cup. And I witnessed it.

I turned off at half time with Utd leading 2-0 as I can't bare to see them win.

Waaak Baines text me a while later saying it was 3-3 , so I turned on again. With the last kick of the game Coventry scored and I went crazy, jumping all over the sofa and shouting like a madman. 

The dead hand of VAR rescued the useless feckers and know the rest. 

I'm so sad that I'd prefer Utd to lose than Liverpool win. Its always been that way. I know, I know, pathetic isn't it ?

Football is about passion, irrational likes and dislikes and about being able to be tribal and unreasonable for ninety minutes. Or, these days ninety nine or a hundred minutes.

And thats why VAR is killing the game, whilst at the same time not even getting decisions right.

Here's three turds for you.

I suppose I'd  prefer Arsenal to win the league more than City, just to freshen it up, but they both play tippy tappy, look-at-us-we've-had-80%-possession boring football.

Boot it down the middle occasionally, whilst shouting " 'Ave it !"  And get some crosses in early ffs. And keepers, make saves and stop being attention seeking second rate outfield footballers. You know I'm right.

There's still hope that Ipswich can salvage "my" season. As they say in these parts,  "Upper towen !"

Hail the beautiful game.


  1. Have it indeed. Football has gone to the dogs. Cutting holes in your socks, then cutting down another pair to wear the top half over your ankles. VAR is dogshit. Grealish stonewall handball in the wall given as a goal kick.

    Downer U's. all we needed from last two games was one measly point. Down to the last day and probably goal difference. As every poxy year.

    1. I don't think it's gone to the dogs. It's still great, but twatty VAR makes it worse.
      Poor old U's.

    2. Down in the basement it's still proper footie. We contrived a very handy draw with Crewe. We both needed a point and Crewe obliged by playing keep ball for the last two minutes of extra time whilst we stayed in our own half. Must have been thrilling to watch on Sky...If we'd played that well all season we wouldn't have been in skiddy pants since Christmas.

    3. All down to the last match for the might Towen. Every game is a trouser filler at the moment.

    4. Would you take an 11 points disaster Prem season?

    5. Being in the PL is reward enough. Being relegated on whatever points is not a disaster.

  2. I think all Man U fans know they were lucky to get away with that one, Cov deserved to be in the final.