Saturday 20 April 2024

Troot. Sea Troot.

I promise I won't mention or moan about the SHITE  weather. 

I've not been fishing this past week, just working and plotting.

Bazza called the other day. I introduced him to a couple of mullet spots two years ago and now he's down there more than me.  

Recently, we'd spotted a sea trout that was holed up in a very specific area. A decent one too. This river is by no means known for them, so it was an interesting occurrence. 

"Quick, come down right now, I'm watching a big sea trout ". Two minutes later I'm there. He's shaking and jibbering, " I got the fucker ! I got the fucker!"

And he had.

5lb 2oz.  What a fish.

Now, that doesn't look like a sea trout. Normally, they're lean and very silver. More on this later.

We peered back down in to the shallow water and almost unbelievably , there was another fish of similar size swimming about.

We watched it. It was patrolling round and round the same area. Bazza cast back in and minute later the rod hooped over and another troot took off seawards. The water exploded, the clutch fizzed and the light rod hooped over. A short but exciting fight ended as I scooped it up in Bazza's pathetic little net.

At first we thought it was the same fish, but a cut on the tail and different markings proved otherwise. 

This time 5lb 1oz. The markings and condition of the fish were again incredible. 

I would bet all my cash that nobody has had a brace of five pound sea trout in a session off this river. Ever.

One last cast he said and hooked another, a little one of a pound or so. Blimey Charlie.

Normally, I'm a hungry fecker and am mad keen to catch myself, but today I was just pleased to watch and see what was happening.

We also saw a large fish thrash on the surface. At least as big as the five pounders. 

I spoke to a mate who is an EA scientist. He studies migratory fish and he thinks these are "slob" sea trout, that leave the fresh water but find rich feeding grounds in the estuary, so never leave for the ocean proper.  Hence the build and markings.

He's asked us to take samples of scales in future, so he can analyse and work out growth rates, movement, etc.

Let's hope there's a few more about.