Monday 15 June 2015

Glorious June

Just as January is the bleakest month, June is the opposiite. In June, can you imagine that once upon a time it got dark at four in the afternoon ? No, me neither. So get out there and whatever you're doing, greedily take it all in.
Well done Bong, great photo

Meadow by the Suffolk Stour
No fishing for a couple of weeks, but I've been out walking, biking and generally loafing about. As well as working a bit of course.

Me and Lord Conc had a recce of a very bassy (  I've had plenty there before, a few years ago ), remote mark not far from one of our other favourite places. It will require an undercover operation as it's out of bounds to us mere anglers. We plan to give it a go very soon.
Glad to see Mr Mak Baines, (  ) has become a fully fledged bream angler, a fish he once despised and said he'd " rather catch gudgeon ".
I would recommend a read of Patrick Chalmers classic 1932 book, " At The Tail Of The Weir ". A brilliant book, worth reading for the bream chapter alone.

"Set the alarm for 2 am and curse it not too much when, at 2 am, it alarms you". He goes on," At 2.15 you may get up and make tea upon the waiting spirit stove, whistling, under your breath Harry Lauder's Its Nice To Get Up In The Morning. Shaving you can postpone until tomorrow".

And finally, "But always for the bream fisher in the quiet water, the quiet green bank and another summer day just coming. There is also the bream angler's breakfast, when the summer day has come. Fresh eggs there will be for the bream angler, fried bacon, a kidney or so, toast and butter, honey, the hottest coffee, and strawberries, innumerable strawberries. And then a cigar among the roses and possibly a tankard of cool, brown ale about eleven o'clock ".

Proper writing, eh ?


  1. Sounds like he just ate and drank never bothering with old slimy. Sensible man, they've ruined many a net. John

  2. I don't know if you've read it John, but it's a fantastic book.