Sunday 7 June 2015

The Wild West

It's summer, so I was due another hike along the south west coast path, starting from Penzance and finishing near St Ives, this time accompanied by Lady Bong. First day and it's 45 mph winds and heavy rain. We did nine miles before reverting to Plan B, which involved a taxi. Purely for Lady Bong's convenience you understand.
Next day, still windy, but the sun came out. The gale force wind had whipped up a wild, incredibly rough sea. What a sight. The sound was deafening. I can't adequately explain what is was like. Just look at the photos.

The bit around Lands End and Cape Cornwall was especially stuning. So was's impossible, they're all fantastic ( apart from Penzance and Par of course )
Lots of remnants of an industrial past, when Cornwall was the biggest producer of tin in the world ( your historical fact of the day) . Near Cape Cornwall Bong spotted a pair of choughs in amongst loads of jackdaw sightings. Also saw a pair of peregrines chasing each other in a high speed chase.
Stayed in some great places, particularly Rockridge in Porthcurno, The Tinners Arms in Zennor ( great pub, superb food and beer ) and Channings in St Ives.
Cannot believe the amount of German hikers we met, as many Germans as Brits I'd say.
Apart from the first day we basked in sunshine all week. I  know you can't change the weather, but when the sun's out, it makes things so much more enjoyable.
All along the coast we saw seals ( yeah, they're big, but boring ) and gannets, diving like bullets from huge heights into the heaving sea.
Took far too many photos, but how can you resist ?
The beaches weren't too bad either. Can't wait get back soon. Might take a rod next time.

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  1. Wak tastic. Gotta love a big wild summer wind. We beter get used to them I think.