Saturday 6 June 2015

Sleepless in Skeggy

Finally, I've called time on the spring roker, after a poor, nay shite, session last week resulting in a herring gull and a whiting hooked up the arse . Lord Conc of Weeley sent a text to me on Thursday, telling of an invite from Lucky Bob for a trip up to Lincolnshire after the hounds. Despite the three and a half hour journey, an opportunity like that can't be turned down, so on Saturday me, Conc and Phil piled in to the legendary Volvo and headed north.
The beach was pretty packed ( for me, if there's another angler it's busy ) and we squeezed in where we could. After four hours it didn't look good, with only flatties caught. "Don't worry, they'll show around ten ish " said Bob.
Lucky Bob with 14lb hound
The dinner gong sounded pretty much at ten, as predicted, and everyone was into fish. A mad two and bit hours later  and I'd had eleven hounds, mostly small, but three reasonable fish to 7/8lb. Conc and Phil had fish, but only litluns. 
Unsuprisingly, Lucky Bob had  plenty of fish including two doubles to 14lb, his mates Chris and Charlie had loads of hounds and a near 5lb bass and two other big hounds of 16lb and 21lb were also caught further up the beach. 
Great fun and good company, despite being given a thrashing Norfolk Stylee ( the bastards ). 
Arrived home very knackered at 5 am in the morning.


  1. Heard the hounds were having it on the Lincolnshire coast.

  2. Some good ones along Hunstanton/Heacham area too,

  3. Did you get em on the turn of the tide?vHeard that too.

  4. Got them about an hour and a half either side of low water.