Tuesday 7 March 2017

The Hordes Descend

After Wak Baines decided he'd stay and fish locally, on the Bure and I decided I'd do the same, a quick text to Conc and we were on our way to  "The Beach".

Before we started the walk Conc donned the fleece and the waterproofs. "Ridiculous" I said, "You'll be sweating your dooh daahs off". I set off with just lightweight top and troosers. Ten minutes later, a torrential shower and I was drenched and he was dry. I'll shut up next time.

After the rain, it brightened up and the wind changed direction and dropped. It looked perfect. First cast and a few minutes later the tip went round and skate number one was on.

It was slow but steady up to the top of the tide, by which time we'd had six each, plus a few tangles. I blame Conc's wayward casting.

After the tide turned we had one or two more, but about an hour and a half after the top of the tide, the flow  dropped off it went mad.

At this stage every cast was resulting in a fish . On four occasions we had double shots. I had the best fish of the night at 8lb, with another about 4lb at the same time. They took a bit of moving in the tide.

I had a snap off mid cast for the first time in months. Bloody great tangle. Trying to sort the mess out, hearing Conc chuntering on in the background, " Got another one ! ", I was not amused. Finally sorted out and re tackled and almost as soon as bait hit the bottom it was taken. There were masses of them.

They were still feeding as week packed up, having shared the spoils with thirty five plus roker between us. I was knackered, but a great evening.