Tuesday 28 March 2017

Old Albion is Reborn

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you"


A run I've done a hundred times and I never get bored with it. Up early and taking it all in as I jog along the river.

Not a bit of wind, birds singing, nobody about. Perfect.

Careful over that dyke old boy.

Had a quick roach trip to Alton too. Just a couple, but it looks the doggies dooh dahs down there at the moment. In the words of Arnie, I'll be back.

A totally unrelated photo of a damn fine coffee shop in Brighton, where I holed up to get warm when I should have been plaice fishing two weeks ago. A good coffee, something to eat and a paper to read. Luxury ( especially if you're reading about Utd being beaten ).

Bloody wind putting the brakes on the skate fishing at the moment. However, a week ago, I saw a two or three hour weather window where the forecast said it would drop off briefly. A call to Deadly Dave and we were on the beach in an hour.

Started horribly rough but then it dropped off nicely, whereupon me and DD helped ourselves to nine roker each in a couple of hours. Best fish of 9lb falling to me. Because as you know, I am the Ray God.


  1. Are they easy to catch? Or do you have to cast 150 yards?

  2. Yes, they're easy to catch. Still want to get our around 100 yards most of time, but often they're in much closer. You'll be getting an invite shortly so you can catch your own.