Wednesday 12 April 2017

Reasons To Be cheerful - Part 1

 "Always walk on the sunny side of the street"


Where to begin ? Winter is now just a bad memory, it's all happening here in deepest Essex.

Last week skate fishing varied between good and appalling. Got up at 04.00 onTuesday morning for a pre work session. First cast, an eleven pounder. Second cast an eight pounder. It slowed down but I ended up with five decent fish in a couple of hours.

I then blanked the next two trips.  Oh well.

A week ago I spotted the first mullet of the season, I'm going to catch one on the fly this season. Or not catch one on the fly.

Here be mullet

Look at it, looks "mulletty" doesn't it ?

I've had a few trips to the reservoir too. Plenty of roach, but they've onlybeen feeding as the the sun dips below the horizon, so it's a question of catching them before it gets dark. Loads of bats out at dusk over the ressie.

A few of the migrant birds have showed up too. Coming over here, eating our insects. Plenty of chiffchaffs, whitethroats and blackcaps, plus the odd reed warbler. Nightingales and cuckoos in the next week I reckon.

The crabs have started peeling too. I've been down the river on the last three tides stocking up. It doesn't last long so you've got to get 'em while you can . Back breaking work though. When I catch my huge sting ray it'll be worth it though.

The Mighty Colne

Wood anemones and bluebells out in force. Bluebells very early.

Got to be the best time of year hasn't it ? Get out there and suck it up. More roach and tench fishing at the ressie over the Easter weekend hopefully. And a skate trip or two.

Another blog update shortly. So busy I've barely got time to work. The junior Dann brother said he thought I did " Less work that Poodle Riley in his last years at Alan Williams ". Now that's a bit harsh.


  1. Work, you could start by cleanIng up that fecking swim. Worse than me when I go fIshing. But yours is artfully "mis" placed.
    Reckon you are at least a week ahead of us down Saarf

  2. Whaddaya mean ? That swim is perfectly tidy.

  3. Love the T-Shirt. Yes it looks 'Mulletty' alright. The estuary at Barmouth in Wales was like that. Shoals of the uncatchables. Tried a fly and caught Bass.

  4. I'd settle for a fly caught bass to begin with John. Yes, that was my fave T shirt and now pressed into service as a fishing rag !

  5. You should have framed it. Delicate politics in Spain though. Some of our friends there had parents in PoW camps. John

    1. They;ve never had any "truth and re concilliation". It's all been buried. I'm going to get another identical T shirt.

    2. In Murcia, particularly in the country districts, you still see the flag with the purple in it flying. In some places it is a case of don't ask although you dp get a very civil but neurally toned reply.

  6. The bass were on the Mawdach estuary the biggest about a pound and a half but boy did they go. All returned. That place must be a sae fisherman's paradise. John

    1. I'm really ken to do some fly fishing this year. Never caught a bass or mullet on the fly. But I will.