Wednesday 26 April 2017

Days Like These

 “Forty-two. His age had astounded him for years, and each time that he had sat so astounded, trying to figure out what had become of the young, slim man in his twenties, a whole additional year slipped by and had to be recorded, a continually growing sum which he could not reconcile with his self-image. He still saw himself, in his mind's eye, as youthful, and when he caught sight of himself in photographs he usually collapsed ... Somebody took my actual physical presence away and substituted this, he had thought from time to time. Oh well, so it went.”
Philip K. Dick, A Maze of Death 

Obviously the above applies to you, not me. I'm in prime condition and improving with age.

Been busy,  very busy. Preparing for the Paras10 TAB. For Wak Baines benefit, this stands for Tactical Advance into Battle. He's a military man you see. A ten mile off road march with a thirty five pound pack, long troosers and boots. Max time allowed three hours, the Paras have to do it in one hour fifty. I'll be aiming somewhere between the two.

I'm sure there will be lots of other middle aged blokes trying to prove they "could've been a contender".

See that photo of that controller ? I was collecting crabs for bait for upcoming sting ray fishing and found it. Most definitely an omen.

Me and Deadly Dave went last night. I had three roker to 8lb , plus two dogs and a few whiting. Deadly was dogged out, with eight of the buggers, plus a nice skate same size as mine. Bloody freezing, the bait was still frozen when I got back home at 01.00. Enjoyable night though.

Preparing for a bit of poaching for some nice, almost certainly unfished for carp at a local, very private pit. Stand by for news. Hopefully not of my arrest and imprisonment.

My poaching spot
RIP Robert M Pirsig, author of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". A classic. Read it if you haven't already. And if you have, read it again.


  1. Military man? Who? It is guesting by the way. And what's in yer pack. All the grub from that Mistley deli you go to.I have decided to never ever run again. For anything.

  2. The pit looks good though. Will we visit him inprison BB.

    1. It's lovely, next bit of slightly warmer weather and I'm down there.